Students and Teachers sitting in a Restorative Circle

The San Diego Unified School District is partnering with the National Conflict Resolution Center to provide restorative tools and support to schools.

Restorative practices cultivate community on campuses with a focus on building strong relationships between students and district employees. They hold students accountable for their actions while giving them a high level of support to create a campus culture of learning and safety for all school community members.

By using restorative techniques, students and teachers can share positive and challenging personal stories about their school experience which, in turn, helps build empathy and stronger relationships. Based on stories shared, students and teachers can support each other and there is a natural desire to create more instances where everyone is feeling connected.

Mission Statement

To empower students, staff, and families by giving them the skills to use proactive and responsive communication tools that nurture a positive school climate and address conflict by honoring the voice of all stakeholders in a way that is safe, respectful, equitable, and ensures accountability.

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